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Autumn Bouquet

Autumn Bouquet

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The Autumn Bouquet by Jane's Fruits and Flowers

is a beautiful floral arrangement that features a combination of orange and multicolored roses, orange gerberas, craspedia, solidago, red Alstroemeria, yellow pompom daisies, and burgundy pompoms. The centerpiece of the bouquet is the craspedia, which are globe-shaped flowers that belong to the daisy and aster family.
The overall effect of this composition is a celebration of the autumn season with an unusual asymmetrical shape and fresh, vibrant flowers. The red and burgundy ribbons add a decorative touch, enhancing the overall mood of the bouquet. This combination of warm colors and textures creates an inviting and cheerful atmosphere.
The Autumn Bouquet is a lovely and unique way to celebrate the beauty of autumn and bring the warmth and joy of the season into any home or office.

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